Your Registration: Accepted Forms of ID

To become a Propiteer member, you need to submit your valid personal photo ID and a proof of address (dated within three months) during the registration process.

Know Your Customer (KYC) checks gather relevant and necessary information about our customers to suitably and prudently manage risks. They are performed by our service provider GCEN.

Once approved, a Personal Wallet will be activated for you so you can start investing personally. We will notify you via email once your KYC checks have been approved by GCEN.

Below is a list of accepted ID documents that you will need to complete your Propiteer registration. You will need one from each list:

Valid personal photo ID (one of the following):

Proof of Address (one of the following no older than 3 months):


Uploading your documents 

You can take photos of your identifications documents ready to upload during the registration process. If you are registering through your computer, you can take a picture on your phone, email it to yourself, then save it to your computer before uploading them during registration.

Alternatively, if you are completing your registration via mobile, you can upload it straight from your device.


Propiteer is an exclusive members-only club. If you wish to join, you need to register your interest.
Registering your interest is easy, free and there’s no obligation to invest. Click here to complete the Join the Club form.
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