Propiteer: How It Works

About Propiteer

An exclusive club for high net worth individuals and commercially aware sophisticated investors who enjoy lucrative property investments.


Our members can place their funds into high yielding investments which have been handpicked by our experienced asset team.

A shared journey

Your money works with ours to generate higher returns on investment. We then share asset profits with our members. Members’ returns always rank above the asset team’s profits, so our equity creates a headroom to protect your funds.

How we do it

Our expert team source assets directly from banks, trusts and distressed business sales before they reach the market. The strategy is founded on sourcing at a reduced cost whilst being highly selective. We only choose assets which can significantly transform value through good asset management.

Buying well is the foundation for success.


Risk minimisation

Assets are scrutinised for risk, profitability and potential with clear exit strategies in place before investments are made.

We purchase below market value and identify opportunities to add significant value to assets. This strategy provides additional security against a market downturn.

Ahead of the masses

Exclusive access really does mean exclusive. We buy assets before they reach the public domain. Propiteer assets can only be directly invested in through membership.

Established connections

The team at Propiteer have unparalleled property investment experience. With an established track record, their combined historical performance encompasses over 100 years in the industry. Collectively they have been responsible for investments, construction and management in excess of $5 billion, on a global basis.


“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” – Benjamin Franklin


Our work

Our exclusive investment portfolio has a dynamic and diverse range that our members can select assets from. Opportunities range from mainstream residential property and city centre rejuvenation projects through to exotic schemes, including marinas and globally recognised hotel brands.

Build a portfolio that delivers your return expectations through assets that are of interest to you.

Clear investment plan on all projects showing exit strategy options in advance to give you peace of mind.

Regular updates provide visibility for our members on the performance of all their investment projects.

How do I invest?

Once you have completed the registration process and become a member of Propiteer, you can start to invest from as little as £5,000.

A personal ‘Investor Dashboard’ allows you to manage your payments and returns via your wallet. You can oversee your portfolio of investments and check progress reports.

There are three ways you can choose to invest:

Interested in joining? Enquire now.

For more information on which suitable forms of ID are required during the registration process, please read Your Registration: Accepted Forms of ID.

There are two main investment types: 

Corporate Bonds are a loan that the bond purchaser (or bondholder) makes to the bond issuer. An investor who buys a bond is lending money. Like a loan, a bond pays interest periodically and repays the principal at a stated time, known as maturity.

 Preference Shares are a type of equity which pays out a fixed dividend. The name ‘preference’ is given because they rank above ordinary shares when it comes to the payment of dividends and return of capital. An ordinary dividend can’t be paid until preferred shareholders have been paid.

Preference Shares are similar to fixed interest securities because they pay a fixed level of income. This differs from ordinary (or common) shares which can see the dividend go up or down.

How do I join Propiteer?

Registering your interest is easy, free and there’s no obligation to invest. Click here to complete the Join the Club registration form, after which you will be sent an invitation to join.

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