Propiteer HIEX Ltd Update

The construction of a 116-bed Holiday Inn Express


Location: Derry, Londonderry, Northern Ireland

Investment term: 24-month term

Forecast returns: Income Generator 1% per month, 12% on completion

Investment status: Fully subscribed



Latest update

After extensive work to the basement and foundation structures of the Holiday Inn Express, the superstructure has now reached the 3rd floor level in accordance with the target construction schedule.


Holiday Inn Express construction scene


“We are very excited to be in a position to make a difference in Derry.” – Tom Dalton, Director of Propiteer


Tourism boom

We’re expecting a bright future for the Holiday Inn Express, as Derry is on course to smash tourism records.


Speaking to the Derry Journal, Mr. Odhran Dunne, manager at Visit Derry, is welcoming the boom:

“The NISRA (Northern Ireland Statistic and Research Agency) indicates that 2016 was a record year for tourism, with 283,000 overnight visitors spending over £50m in the local economy,” he says. “The friendliness of local people and Derry being increasingly recognised as an ideal base for exploring the North West region.” Read more at


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