Progress Report: Propiteer North Sound Ltd

Trading asset with opportunities to increase turnover

Location: Antigua

Investment term: 36-month term

Forecast returns: Capital Maximiser 100% (less corporation tax)

Investment status: Fully subscribed



There’s lots going on at North Sound Marina, and a business plan to utilise its full potential is well underway.


Yacht stored at North Sound Marina


Due to considerable demand for boat storage and repairs, the team at North Sound Marina have utilised as much space as possible at the site. This has been achieved by splitting up the undercover storage so that rental income can be fully maximised.

Plans are also underway for the main on-site building to be converted to create:



Not only will North Sound be a place to store and repair boats, but we’ll also have spaces for crew to stay and enjoy the island. By making practical use of this space, we can create several other income streams on top of the boat storage and repair fees.


View from bay in Antigua


‘We really have a great opportunity to turn North Sound Marina into one of the most prestigious yachting destinations in the world’ – Tom Dalton, Director of Propiteer

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