Poundbridge Green Ltd Update

Residential development – 19 residential units


Location: Saintfield, Belfast, Northern Ireland

Investment term: 24-month term

Forecast returns: 100% (less corporation tax)

Investment status: Fully subscribed



Latest update

With 5 houses completing on the sale within the next 8 weeks, Poundbridge Green residential development is almost ready to crystallise Propiteer members investment with on target forecast returns.


Investors will be receiving their dividend returns at maturity of their investment term.


Poundbridge Green House


We will keep all of our members updated with testimonials directly from our Poundbridge Green Ltd investors, so all members can share their experience.



A message from our team

“These properties have generated a fantastic response. We’re very excited for this development to be completed.” – Greta Banister, Operations Director at Propiteer


Poundbridge Green houses

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