North Sound Marina Update

Property management opportunity to increase turnover


Location: Antigua

Investment term: 36-month term

Forecast returns: Capital Maximiser, 100% (less corporation tax)

Investment status: Fully subscribed


Latest update

The Propiteer asset team have recently returned from a site inspection trip to North Sound Marina, in anticipation of the upcoming investor trip. The investors are also looking forward to viewing this exciting asset.


Antigua yacht


There’s good news: the team reported that there is no damage to the operational function at the North Sound Marina after hurricanes Irma, José and Maria caused major disruption across the island.

What’s more, the North Sound Marina team are doing their bit for the local community as it is now deemed the most secure and operational marina following the effects of the extreme weather.


Antigua beach


Allen Stanford’s 50+ million USD investment is clearly reflected in the excellent facilities at North Sound. The opportunity to get these re-engaged and take this marina to the forefront of the industry is incredibly exciting.


“You have to see the Marina to understand the scale of the operation. The opportunity here is incredible.” – Greta Banister, Operations Director of Propiteer

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