Investing with Your SSAS/SIPP Pension

You can choose to invest in certain Propiteer projects through your SSAS/SIPP (Small Self-Administered Scheme/Self Invested Personal Pension).


To do this, you need to select a project from the Portfolio page which is accepting SSAS/SIPP investments and follow the necessary steps.


SSAS/SIPP: what you need to know

By choosing to invest through your SSAS/SIPP, you are ordering the number of shares/bonds you wish to invest in, like a purchase order. This process will be taken offline to complete. Your request will come through to the Propiteer team, who will get in touch and walk you through the next steps.


SSAS/SIPP purchases cannot be completed online; as we coordinate with your provider under your instructions.


Once funds have cleared, a share or bond certificate will be issued to your account in the name of the SSAS/SIPP. This will be available for you to view and download from the Investor Dashboard, where you can also view the payment schedule.


How to invest

  1. After selecting the ‘Invest’ button in the Investor Dashboard, choose ‘SSAS/SIPP Pension’ as the Wallet Type and read the SSAS/SIPP investment terms.
  2. Next, select the number of shares or bonds you wish to invest in. Because SSAS/SIPP cannot be completed online, the process will be taken offline and sent to our team.
  3. We will get in touch to walk you through the next steps, working with yourself and your SSAS/SIPP provider to do so.
  4. Once the funds from your SSAS/SIPP have been granted, we will let you know and issue you a certificate which you can access via your Investor Dashboard.



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