How To Make An Investment Online

The Propiteer website is designed to offer our members a simple, convenient way of investing.

If you’re investing with Propiteer online for the first time, then don’t worry – it’s far easier to invest than you may think. But before you can invest, you need to have:

Please read the steps below for information on how to make an investment.


Choose a project

Click onto Showcase and/or Portfolio to see the available projects. Each project sets out the details, terms and investor information, together with the availability of shares/bonds. Once you have chosen an investment you can start your investment journey.


Load your wallet 

First, you need to make sure that there is enough money loaded into your wallet for the number of bonds/shares you wish to purchase.

If you’re not sure how to load money into your wallet, please read our topping up section in Your Wallet: What You Need to Know.

If you wish to make an investment through your company instead of your personal funds, then you need to activate a Corporate Wallet. This can be done within the ‘Wallets’ section of your investor dashboard. You will also need to upload examples of corporate ID, and examples can be found in our Accepted Forms of Corporate ID article.


Click ‘Invest’

Once you have checked that you have sufficient funds in your chosen wallet, select the ‘Invest’ button on the Portfolio page. Next, pick the wallet you wish to invest from. Confirm that you have read the investment terms and select the number of shares/bonds you wish to purchase.

Next, select the number of shares/bonds you wish to purchase from your chosen project.



You get the opportunity to check the details are correct before you confirm your order. Click to confirm your investment.

Congratulations, you are now an investor!

Please note that investments made with a Personal Wallet or a Corporate Wallet will withdraw the money instantly from the appropriate wallet. You will be issued a share/bond certificate and a payment plan, both of which can be found in the Investor Dashboard.


SSAS/SIPP options

You can invest using your SSAS or SIPP pension for selected projects.

If the project is eligible, and when you can select SSAS/SIPP, you will not actually be purchasing the shares or bonds at this stage. Instead, you are entering into an agreement to purchase these shares/bonds offline.

Please read Investing With Your SSAS/SIPP Pension for more information.

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