Enhance Your Pension with Property Bonds

The nest egg is an essential part of anyone’s savings plan. But with half of UK workers aged 55 or over feeling unprepared for retirement, it’s important to know if there are any ways you can boost your pension no matter how far away retirement is.

One of the key retirement strategies is simple: compound interest. This will not only beat inflation rates but also secure you with a comfortable lifestyle after you’ve quit the workforce. One of the easiest and least complicated ways to grow your pension is by investing it in property bonds. With UK platforms paying upwards of 4%pa (our own investment funds are up to 12%pa), investors are proving that property bonds are a popular, no-nonsense choice for growing savings, with several benefits:

Those over-55 are entitled to draw a tax-free lump sum from their pension of up to 25% of the total fund value, so it makes sense to boost the value of your pension as much as you can. But if Property Bonds like ours are the way to go, how can you make the most of them in your specific pension scheme?

SIPP – Self-Invested Personal Pension

SIPPs have historically been a great choice for the stock market-savvy investors willing to research enough to know what a good lump sum (and monthly contributions) can do when invested in the right place. Whether its gilts, funds, bonds, or stocks and shares, SIPPs have a variety of investment options that rely on the pension holder being somewhat savvy and unopposed to risk. However, in recent years, passive or “auto investing” platforms have meant that with just a little research, investors can open a SIPP and trust their investment to a fund manager, or a platform, with arguably far lighter fees than a financial advisor, whilst still offering potentially high-interest investment opportunities.

SSAS – Small Self-Administered Scheme

For company directors and business owners, SSAS offers flexibility and a wide range of investments as a business and property pension – so wide that SSAS pensions have access to every kind of HMRC-permitted investment you can think of. However, while it’s great to have control over deciding where exactly your pension goes, investing into Property Bonds through a SSAS is a great hands-off way to secure your and your member’s future savings into an asset-backed, high-yield investment.

Is Your Pension Guaranteed?

Pensions are designed to produce investment returns over the medium to long term. While no investment can be guaranteed, high returns are possible and likely with some platforms. Propiteer’s asset-backed property bonds can be invested from 12 to 72 months, with longer terms able to potentially deliver higher returns. As with any other kind of investment, there are inherent risks involved, but the rewards can potentially be a great addition to your pension pot.

If you’d like to invest your SIPP or SSAS pension into Propiteer, please contact us at info@propiteer.com or call 01376 505286.

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