Antigua Update

The North Sound Marina in Antigua is currently operating at higher capacity than 2018, thanks to re-arranging the storage of boats as well as creating additional hard standing – which means we have increased our storage capacity. With a full schedule of boat repairs, the Marina continues to have a healthy order book for the coming months.

We are currently in discussions with the Government of Antigua in relation to selling water and electricity into the island’s utility network. This will make a great difference as the Antiguan Government has had to enact a water rationing program in the last few years, ensuring all citizens receive adequate amounts of water.

The Antigua Public Utilities Authority stated: “as Antigua and Barbuda enter further into a drought, the APUA has seen a depletion of the surface water resources that it relies heavily on.”  The impact of industry has been a main cause of the water shortage – along with deforestation – so having an environmentally sound provider like the North Sound Marina fits in well with the current polices of the island.

The Marina is the perfect location for a second Free Trade Area on the island, and we are currently in the process of getting the documentation ready. The current Caribbean Free Trade Zone, Antigua Park, is located in Antigua’s economic centre in St. John’s, making it the ideal geographical location for a second zone.

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